Interview With Adam Fugitt

When did you get interested in MMA? Fugitt: I started out wrestling in high school and year at community college. Did five years of that and then I stepped foot in my first MMA gym and got my butt handed to me by a muay thai guy. It enlightened me a little...

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Interview With Julian Erosa

What got you started in MMA? Erosa: When I was younger, I got into a handful of fights. I was an avid skateboarder and it comes with the territory. But I almost got into trouble for fighting a few times. I enjoyed fighting, but didn’t want to get into...

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Interview With Joey Gomez

What got you started in MMA? When did you know this was for you? Gomez: I wrestled in high school and after that, I was done with wrestling completely. When I moved for college, I knew someone who was really into jiu jitsu. He told me to come into the gym...

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