Interview With Adam Fugitt

When did you get interested in MMA?

Fugitt: I started out wrestling in high school and year at community college. Did five years of that and then I stepped foot in my first MMA gym and got my butt handed to me by a muay thai guy. It enlightened me a little bit. I could handle my own in grappling, but I had no knowledge of how to use my fists or my feet.

So I started doing kickboxing and muay thai and honed my skills there. Then an offer in MMA came up and I took it. It’s kinda cool to see it come full circle, put all my skills together in the arena.


What do you like about MMA?

Fugitt: I was kind of a hyper kid. I had played team sports my whole life, but took a flier on a wrestling camp. I met my mentor there and fell in love with the sport. It was so much different than team sports and it helped me discover a little bit about myself. There are no teammates, it’s all on me. Put in the work and you’ll see the outcome of the work you’ve done. If my parents had known then what they know now, they would have had me do it way earlier.


How do you prepare yourself before a bout?

Fugitt: My first wrestling match (in high school), I had an energy dump, all amped up. I think I warmed up before the dual meet even started and I was just exhausted before my match. Before my first muay thai fight, the professionals were laughing watching me warm up because I was working the bag so much.

Today, you’ll find me in a corner, asleep until about 30 minutes before. I’ll wake up, get stretched out, warm up and I’m good to go.


How do you handle training and bouts with your personal life?

Fugitt: I live a split life I guess you’d say. I’m a supervisor at a lumber company, supervise 30 people. It’s a minimum 40 hours a week type of job. Then I go straight to the gym am I’m usually there from 5 to 9.

I have a girlfriend, a dog and a house. She doesn’t care for my second life too much, but she encourages me and is always on my team. My family and my friends are a huge support system. Without them, it would be hard to do the multiple life thing. I get nothing but support from there.

My dad is a go between, father/manager at this point. He takes care of the little stuff, the posters, t-shirts, hats – anything he can do.